Landon & Gillian
February 28th, 2018. I was fortunate to spend time with Landon down in Seattle for a concert for his birthday, a few days prior to his planned day to propose to Gill. This made for an amazing weekend talking about life, marriage, and planning for this special moment in his life. 
When we got back to Canada, we scouted the spot he had picked out, and planned everything down to how we'll communicate on the day. I would get a text when he picked her up, and another text when they arrived. The spot was a good 20-minute walk through the forest, so I knew I had time to get all the candles lit and final adjustments all prepared.
We didn't have the best weather, as it rained all day, so the tea light candles kept going out, and I managed to have 11 of 12 lit for their when they arrived. That pesky last one! Nonetheless, nothing would stop these two from getting engaged. In the most amazing way, I was able to witness my best friend get engaged to the love of his life, and I couldn't be more happier for him and his new fiancee!

the moment Gill exclaimed, "is that Rob?!"

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