Robert Alexander Wilson

filmmaker · photographer · sound engineer

Hi there! My name is Rob Wilson. I'm a BC-based filmmaker, photographer, and sound engineer.
If I had to sum up what I do in one sentence, this would be it: 
I like to visually tell authentic and genuine stories of real people in their most organic moments.
And I want to tell your story.
We as humans want to share stories from our experiences. We want to tell each moment the way we remember it, with all its memories & feelings - but we also want to be fully present & engaged in the experience in the first place. 
We desire to be true to ourselves & tear down the walls we daily put up; to see behind masks, to draw closer to others. As a filmmaker and photographer, I let people be in the moment, capturing their essence and telling their real story. To go beyond the surface, showcasing organic, genuine personalities and their own unique details.
From my personality to my work style, I love to be easy-going, light-hearted, authentic, approachable, authentic, and fun! I value building strong, personal relationships, living in a community where we can celebrate the highs and journey together through the lows. From big life events to catching up over a cup of tea, life is meant to be shared.

I have been working in event production for over ten years. When the art of filmmaking caught my eye, I pursued post-secondary education, earning a diploma in Motion Picture Arts from Capilano University in 2012. Since then, I have been operating my freelance business under the moniker RAW sound + film, specializing in event production, weddings, and promotional works, and have gained experience working for local event A/V companies, production houses, corporate marketing agencies, and non-profit organizations.
I also love to travel & explore, so ask me to go somewhere and I'll be there, camera in hand!


Due to changes in life & work, I will not be booking any projects in 2020. 
Read more about this (difficult) decision over on my Contact page.
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